Here’s Why Dj Shiti Cried During An Interview On Live TV (Video)

Dj Shiti


Dj Shiti is currently one of Kenya’s top comedians.

But life wasn’t always rosy for him. Shiti came to Nairobi seven years ago from Nakuru, looking for a big break, but he had it rougher than he expected.

The Real Househelps of Kawangware actor recently appeared on Dr. Ofweneke’s show for an interview. As he was talking about his first days in Nairobi, DJ Shiti got choked up with emotion and started shedding tears to a point that he couldn’t talk.

Shiti was overwhelmed with emotion as he remembered sleeping in the cold streets of Nairobi and being fed and given accommodation by prostitutes within Koinange Street.

One of Shiti’s funniest videos.

He said he had relatives who he knew in the Nairobi but they refused to offer him accommodation.

Dr. Ofweneke asked the director to let them go for a 2-minute break upon noticing that Shiti was overwhelmed with emotion.

The actor had narrated his story with sadness, saying;

“I came to Nairobi 7 years ago from Nakuru, I came from a player’s theatre in Nakuru. There was this time that Churchill show was on break and they were looking for comedians all over the country…and I can I cry? That was in 2012 I think.” 

He added.

“I started in Nakuru Players Theater then I came to Nairobi in 2012, I knew many people in Nairobi but what I none of them would offer me accomodation. Only the prosititues who knew me were able to assist me..”

Worry not, DJ Shiti. At least you are a superstar now. I am sure those relatives regret.

Watch the interview below;


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