Here’s How Eric Omondi Celebrated His Birthday In Zanzibar (Video, Photos)

Controversial comedian Comedian Eric Omondi who is loved and criticized in equal measure,celebrated his birthday this past weekend in a unique way with his fiancée Chantal Grazioli in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Eric revealed it was his first time in Zanzibar and judging from their photos, his birthday was just lit.

The funny man found himself on the wrong side of the law recently after his video went viral where he was dancing naked with kids in river Turkwell

The lad was criticized by government institutions as well as his fanatics and was forced to apologize later.

The Consumers Federation of Kenya (COFEK) responsible for consumer protection issued a statement in regard to his naked video.

The independent body wanted Eric Omondi arrested and put under medical test to ascertain whether his acts were deliberate or if he is unwell. COFEK described Omondi’s acts as tragedy that has crossed that red line of indecent exposure.

The KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua was also angered with the viral video and he stated that it violated Kenya Film Classification Board’s classification guidelines under Cap 222 and also the Children’s Act.

Here are photos of Erico’s beach bash;

Taking to Instagram, Chantal shared a video of them in bed and thanked the comedian for everything he has done for her, wishing him well in all his endeavors.

”HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to you my love! Baby boy thank you for being the most incredible life partner, my crazy partner in crime and my best friend all in one ❤ Am so proud of you and all your accomplishments this far and am looking foward to seeing all the incredible things you are yet to achieve and doing and supporting this journey with you!.” Chantal wrote.

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”Enjoy this day in Zanzibar like you have never before because you deserve it and nothing less because ypu work hard and i appreciate all you do for me always! ❤ May all your dreams come true and remember that i love you always! ❤ Now go take a swim somewhere and enjoy your fun day boo! ❤” she added.

Eric Omondi’s birthday and Chantal’s flattery post came barely days after the comedian was trolled silly for sharing an outrageous video.




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