Here’s Why Njeri Thorne is Always Fighting Jeff Koinange


Renowned journalist Jeff Koinange has on several occasions locked horns with a particular fan of his popular show Jeff Koinange Live (JKL) – which is divided into Wednesday’s politics 101 and Thursday’s Inspirational Thursday.

On the Wednesday show, Mr Koinange has been predominantly hosting male panellists while the Thursday show has seen more women coming on the bench.

This scenario, however, has not been taken so kindly by one Njeri Thorne, a political communications consultant.

Ms Thorne, who is also an activist, has been on the veteran journalist’s neck accusing him of preferring men to comment on politics in the country while women were only confined to share inspiring stories.

“In fact bringing women only on Thursday reinforces preconceived notions of women. I now believe the perpetual absence of women in the nation’s political narrative is deliberate,” she tweeted during one of Koinange’s shows where he had invited a woman on the Inspiration Thursday show.

The two have previously engaged in fierce twitter clashes with Ms Thorne, who has been defined as a feminist, always demanding for Koinange to bring in women on the panel.

The tweef has at times degenerated into a heated exchange with the two exchanging hard-hitting words.

In one of his responses Koinange sarcastically told off Thorne stating: “Why don’t you just come out and say you WANT to be the SHOW, Njeri….Put it OUT THERE….Don’t be SHY about it!!”

Speaking to, Ms Thorne termed the alleged bias by Koinange as chauvinistic, adding that there were so many women in the country who could comment on politics.

“He is chauvinistic and he does not believe women should be involved in the political discourse.”

“It is deliberate because he tries to balance it out with the inspirational shows on Thursdays where he brings women,” Thorne said.

The aspiring Lang’ata MP added that Mr Koinange’s move was normalising male-only leadership in the country by ensuring women are not seen to have a political voice.

Thorne divulged that since JKL had a countrywide viewership, Koinange had the responsibility of ensuring that all parties are well represented.

Nonetheless, in one of the twitter exchanges, Koinange noted that Ms Thorne seemed to prefer going to NTV‘s Press Pass show.

Ms Thorne further told that the preferential treatment in Live TV interviews is seen in almost every media house in the country.

“What happens now is that they do it as a gesture of tokenism, so you are the token woman. They will try but they will just bring in one woman you will not see a panel of women,” she said.


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