Here’s What People Has To Say About Larry Madowo’s New Look

NTV‘s news anchor Larry Madowo has a new bushy look.

The news anchor has just returned from a vacation in Europe and made a comeback with his new look over the weekend, to the amusement of viewers.

He shared a photo of his look on Twitter, prompting a barrage of comments from his followers.

@Mugambi24 wrote; “Noticed the ‘Joho bug’ has bitten you. You look nice though.”

@dotelyent added; “New year, new look. Kuwa Muislamu basi. You are fit to be called Haji Madowo…”

@elle_ndege wrote; “Najua DM yako sahizi imejaa zaidi😁😁..wasalimie😁😁”

@Nrm_general questioned; “Buda! kwani ulikula pesa za Kinyozi?”

@sherry_shayd added; “That beard😍😍😍😍 Umeenda majuu ukarudi ukiwa Ka snack.”

@MashRomeo coined a new name; “Larry Mandevu😂.”

@TweetkidKE wrote; “Finally u joined the family…. unleash the animal in you.”

@SirDasaved added; “Which cream did you apply ndo zimeee hivyo haraka.. Hiyo fertilizer tujulishe we get beards too man.”

@i_AmLevi wrote; “You mean you could grow a beard all this while! Ama ni a new discovery? Keep it, looks good.”


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