How A Woman, Esther Wanjeri Made Mzee Jomo Kenyatta Cry

Kenya’s founding father, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, once cried after being dumped by a woman he had professed his love for.

He was appointed as the principal for Kenya Teachers Training College (KTTC) in Kiambu County after returning from England in the 1940s.

There, he met a smashing beauty, Esther Wanjeri, who was studying embroidery.

Wanjeri’s father and Jomo were good friends, the latter often visited them to have supper since their house was adjacent to the college.

At times, he would take food to the future president who often praised her cooking skills because he loved the way she prepared roasted bananas.

Jomo often escorted Wanjeri home after devouring the meal that she had prepared for him. While they were walking, he would tell her that she was the ideal woman for him and always got turned down.

One day, he got upset after and went to his house crying after she rejected his love again.

Wanjeri wanted nothing to do with Jomo because she felt that he was too old. She felt uncomfortable whenever he approached him.

He even sent his daughter Wambui Kenyatta to convince Wanjeri because the two were friends. However, his attempts were futile.

She later married her longtime boyfriend, Kamau, who was a farmer. Jomo became Kenya’s founding president and married Mama Ngina.

Interestingly, Jomo took Mama Ngina to Wanjeri and asked her to teach her how to serve food because she had refused to marry him. She obliged because of their friendship.


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