How DCI Boss Sought UK Government’s Help In Ksh21B Dams Scandal

The Kenyan government, through the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti, has sought the help of the United Kingdom’s government in the ongoing Ksh21 Billion dams probe.

According to reports, Kinoti sought the help of a respected UK body, National Crime Agency, which specialises in international crime.

DCI revealed that the investigations had grown complicated especially due to the widened scope of companies involved in the scandal with the money trail reaching firms in both Italy and the United Kingdom.

“We are no longer dealing with domestic but international organised crime.

“We are dealing with several companies with different directors. That is why we are going through this methodically and clinically. But the net is getting wide,” Kinoti revealed.

According to reports, the Italian government had launched a probe into the firm, CMC Di Ravena, which reportedly received a Ksh21 billion payout to carry out the work.

The public prosecutor in Trani, Southern Italy, opened criminal investigations against the firm following a controversy into the awarding of a contract for building a new port at Molfetta.

According to Italy’s prosecutor, the company officials “knowingly participated in a fraudulent scheme organised by the Municipality of Molfetta”.

National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich has since been grilled by the DCI three times in connection with releasing the funds to the controversial firm that filed for bankruptcy shortly after.

Reports indicated that Rotich, who’s likely to face abuse of office charges, was asked to explain why Ksh7 Billion was paid to a contractor for an uninsured project.


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