How Former Kiambu Governor Exposes Fraudster Posing As His Son

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has distanced himself from a man who has been conning people using his name.

Taking to Facebook on Friday, Kabogo stated that the man identified as Tony Kabogo was an impostor.

“This guy is a fraud and an impostor. He is not my son. He is a conman, beware. If you spot him, report him to the nearest police station,” the former governor wrote.

While dismissing claims that the two of them look alike, Kabogo explained that the man has caused pain to many people.

“This is not a joke. Stop making jokes about it. He is hurting innocent people,” he added.

One Facebook user who seemed to know the impostor revealed that he once worked as a tout in Uthiru.

Damian Mbugua wrote, “I know him very well. He used to fill matatus at the Uthiru junction. I have been wondering where he went to.”

Other users claimed that they had received messages from the fraudster but his English was really wanting.

Ruth Wangechi wrote, “I have always suspected so. One day I asked him if the two of you are related but he said it’s not important. His English is not that good.”

Kabogo’s only known children are Alvin and Andrew Kabogo. He sired his two sons with the former First Lady of Kiambu County Philomena Kabogo.


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