How Former Kisii Mayor Became A Car Cleaner

A former Mayor of the inoperative Kisii Municipal council left the glitz and glamour of the previously prestigious post for a car wash business.

Michael Okari was elected to serve as the mayor of Kisii back in 1999, a position he held for five years.

Upon losing the seat to Samwel Nyangweso, the former Mayor decided to focus his time on other ventures.

Okari at some point sold chicken at the municipal council market as well as ventured into the matatu business, before abandoning both to focus on dairy and maize farming.

Contrary to the trend of former mayors and politicians who held prestigious seats securing posh jobs in the county governments, Okari was adamant in pursuing a job outside public service.

According to reports, the former mayor stated that he was driven by the need to create a sustainable job for himself as well as other members of the community.

“I have embraced the car wash business and farming to generate income to feed my family and pay fees for my children,” he divulged.

The former mayor went on to heap praises on devolution, urging current governors to work on improving roads, access to clean water as well as boost income-generating activities.

Okari also revealed that his crowning moment as Mayor of Kisii was that he saw to it that the council’s assets were seldom misused by councillors, as was the norm at the time.


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