How HELB Defaulters Delivered Unanimous Message To CS Mohammed Amina

Education CS Amina Mohammed on Wednesday indicated that police would go after an estimated 74,000 HELB defaulters.

In her statement, the CS indicated that the move would help the government agency recover an estimated Ksh7.2 billion.

However, hours after, the loanees took to social media to deliver a unanimous message to Amina indicating that not even the police can coerce them to pay what they cannot afford.

Many of the self-confessed defaulters blamed the situation on lack of employment indicating that they are even struggling to meet their basic needs.

For instance, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino rallied support for the defaulters indicating that they should be let to pay back at their convenience.

Others noted that the rampant corruption in the country costs the country more billions every year.

In their view, the HELB loanees suggested that dealing with graft would be a better strategy compared to going after the jobless youth.

Equally, the netizens questioned the government expenditure priorities including the yet to be launched ‘Huduma Card’ that is set to cost Ksh6 billion.

In an bid to draw humour into the argument, others borrowed from President Uhuru Kenyatta remarks that “Japan’s debt is over 100% of country’s GDP, ours is only 56%” noting that students in other countries owe the government more.

The HELB loanees also dragged the Chinese debt agenda in their defense indicating that the foreigners were still lenient with the country despite the soaring public debt.


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