How Lawyer Abdullahi Defended DP Ruto In Weston Hotel Land Case

Nairobi lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi, on Wednesday, defended Deputy President William Ruto in the now escalated Weston Hotel land case.

The outspoken lawyer claimed that the DP should not pay for the land since he acquired it innocently.

He said, that Ruto was being unfairly targeted since he is a public figure.

“If you get the land as the first person, the land will always be taken against you. But if a third party buys from you, we call them innocent purchaser for value. So he gets a clean title notwithstanding the bad title of the first person; that is the law,” stated the senior counsel.

He further divulged that in a case where the land was to be returned to the state, then Ruto should not be the only one targeted.

“(Ruto) is not the first person who bought property that was taken by someone, everybody in this country has a title deed that has question marks.

“Land in Kenya is problematic, and there’s a lot of lands that were acquired during the crazy years in the 1990s. So if we make this national consensus that let us return this land, there’s no problem. But let it be across the board,” he continued.

This comes days after Ruto, last week, confirmed to BBC Hard Talk that the land had been acquired illegally.

Abdullahi also took the opportunity to clarify the progress of his claims that some Supreme Court judges had been bribed in order to deliver a preferred ruling of a certain case.

He revealed that he will file a petition to have the four members of the bench removed over corruption allegations.

“We have written a letter to the Chief Justice and it will take us two weeks to compile our evidence and witness statements,” he stated.


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