How MP Kuria Accuses Duale Of Throwing Out 3 Crucial Bills

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria on Monday came out to state that National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale has been out to ouster him since 2014, citing a series of events.

Kuria claimed that his efforts to aid in bettering Kenya’s economy had gone to waste courtesy of Duale’s influence.

He alleged that none of his three Legislative Proposals, NGO’s Reform Bill (2014), Coffee Bill and Interest Bills have been brought to the house. The Bills, according to Kuria, had not been pushed courtesy of Duale’s influence.

Kuria plans to chair a team that will present a motion in parliament regarding a 27-member committee that plans to support Matiang’i and his committee to implement the president’s executive order.

Duale, however, vowed to stomp out the formation of this committee and commented that Kuria was seeking cheap publicity.

On social media, Kuria lamented that Duale was trying to kick him out of the transport and the budget committees.

“So now Aden Duale wants to de-whip me from the two committees that I serve in. First, you are not qualified to do so. This is the work of the party through the Secretary-General Raphael Tuju And Chief Whip Ben Washiali,” Kuria wrote.

Matters involving Kuria’s presentation of the Building Bridges Initiative that calls for an inclusive government and an inclusive opposition was also opposed by the majority leader.

“Having an inclusive government and an inclusive Opposition is an idea I will fight for. So now my friend do not even go to the media to remove me from committees. Follow the procedure and I will leave,” Kuria noted.


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