How Osotsi Blames ANC For Plotting His Removal From House Business Committee

Nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi is blaming internal forces within ANC for plotting his removal from the House Business Committee.

The legislator in a statement to the media said the latest move by a section of ANC members to oppose his election to the committee is a continuation of a series of unprovoked acts of blackmail, cajoling and intimidation.

He said the same clique of malicious individuals trying to silence him politically, are the same people who opposed his election as the chairperson of the Implementation Committee.

Osotsi argued that ANC is not a parliamentary party and derives its status courtesy of ODM as per Standing Order No 20.

Subject to the standing orders, he said the parliamentary party leadership has the prerogative to select and de-whip members to various committees.

“Parliament is guided by the law and not political whims of a few selfish and obscure party mandarins. Therefore, the persistent acts of blackmail and intimidation by a section of bullish ANC members are not only embarrassing but also a confirmation that these members are clueless and ignorant of parliamentary rules and the prevailing law,” he said.

Osotsi was elected to the House Business Committee to replace Emuhaya MP Omboko Milemba.

The legislator said it is ironical that Milemba has not complained about the replacement yet other members purporting to be speaking on his behalf shout the loudest.

“I have been consistent in articulating the party and coalition matters in and out of parliament. My valuable contribution is known and I believe my track record may have informed my selection to the HBC and not petty internal wars,” he said.

He said the only mistake he made to warrant him such ridicule and intimidation is the opposition to the unilateral, dictatorial and undemocratic appointment of Barrack Muluka as the party Secretary General.

Recently, Osotsi warned the party to put its house in order to promote unity instead of threatening renegades.

He criticised the party for using “wrong disciplinary measures” against MPs and MCAs who have joined DP William Ruto’s camp. Busybodies must be stopped from wrecking the party, Osotsi said.

This was after the Kakamega branch threatened to discipline MPs Titus Khamala (Lurambi) and Justus Murunga (Matungu) over their cosy relationship with the DP and alleged disrespect to party leader Musalia Mudavadi.

The branch officials also recommended disciplinary action against eight ward representatives who visited Ruto’s Sugoi home over Christmas. The leaders have defended their visits.

He said the ANC must stop using “nonentities” to intimidate elected leaders. The strategy is inappropriate, illegal and will breed further disunity that will leave the party in a shambles, he warned.

“The truth is that the party has internal management challenges due to lack of internal democracy, consultation, inability to handle internal disputes and a common political agenda,” Osotsi told the Star on the phone.


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