How President Uhuru Introduced First Lady Margaret Kenyatta to the Public For the First Time

Margaret Kenyatta

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta is considered to shy away from the limelight and despite President Uhuru’s public life, she only appears in public during select events.

Although Uhuru has been a public figure since 2002 when he battled out for the Presidency against Mwai Kibaki, his wife managed to steer away from the limelight long enough.

In 2007, Uhuru was appointed the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister, but it’s not until 2011 when many people came to know Margaret.

During an appearance on Churchill Show, Uhuru recounted on his younger life including dating the First Lady before they married.

He then turned to comedian Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki telling him that his wife and sister were among the audience.

“Her name is Margaret, we call her Margg. She is seated somewhere. There she is,” he stated to the excitement of the crowd.

And when the camera’s finally zoomed in on her, Margaret smiled and waved her hand in acknowledgement.

Surprise was, however, written all over the faces of the audience and even those seated next to her appeared not to have recognized who she was prior to the introduction.

When Uhuru probed whether she knew who Uhuru was before they courted, he replied, “She knew who I was but nimemkimbiza miaka mingi but finally nilifaulu. Alikua anajam, sijui shida yake ilikua nini (I pursued her over a long time but finally I won her. She used to get offended, I don’t know why she acted that way).”

Uhuru also revealed that contrary to the common notion that he was raised at State House, their family actually lived in Ichaweri, Gatundu.

“I only celebrated one birthday at State House. Its only after the death of my father (Mzee Jomo Kenyatta) that we relocated to Nairobi and by then there was a new President so we never really lived at State House,” he added.

Uhuru described his father as a typical African man who was fond of the countryside which possibly explains why the first President of Kenya never slept at State House, Nairobi but instead chose to commute daily to and from Gatundu.


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