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how to have your dream wedding on a low budget

1. Be selective when making the guest list:
Cut down on the number of people you as this helps to cut down on costs for sitting space and food for the guests. You had rather have 50 guests and a phenomenal ceremony that those 50 will live to tell their children and their children’s children than have 500 people who’ll leave after the day and complain food was not enough

2. Bridesmaids:
Have 2 or 3 bridesmaids with over the top gowns that befit the occasion! Do not invest in many bridesmaids as this will increase costs for making dresses for the bridesmaids. Also, splitting costs with your bridesmaids can come through – you could decide to buy fabric for the dresses and have the bridesmaids make the dresses for themselves. You can give them sample ideas for what you envisage for your day then have them choose for themselves because you are already sending them out to make the dresses themselves.

3. Cake and Photography
Most couples invest so heavily in cake and photography. Some believe that these are the highlights of the day. It is possible to have that but on a low budget. There’s always that one relative or friend who loves to bake. Bring them on board and ask them to bake your cake. Majority of the time they’ll feel privileged and might do it for free! If they insist to be paid, then it won’t be as exorbitant as outsourcing. Also, the source for that cousin who loves photography, have them cover your wedding!

4. Hold on until it’s Off Peak
Settle for an off-peak wedding date when planning your wedding. If you don’t mind are really hell-bent on cutting down on those costs, have your wedding on a weekday, preferably a Friday. Who doesn’t want a great start to their weekend? Do not worry, people will turn up!

5. Same venue for the vows exchange ceremony and reception
Having your nuptials and reception at the same venue helps to cut down on transport costs. Actually, an outdoor garden-themed wedding would suffice best for you because you have your nuptials exchanged and a few steps away, your buffet is set and ready for your guests to waddle a few steps to make a pig of themselves. Still, at the same venue is where you will have your photoshoot. How cool?

6. Decor
We are told that sometimes less is more. As such, go for subtle decor on your wedding day. Choose your flowers carefully. Pick a solid theme for your decorations. Use simple cutlery. You can use DIY crafts for your table centerpieces. This helps to stand out even more as you choose to go the route often not pursued by many.


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