“I Hope You Commit Suicide,” Fan Tells Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon Kwamboka is among the best socialites in Kenya who get analysis from their online fans.

All things considered, with a body like hers and the accomplishments she has made Corazon consequently has haters all over.

Lately she has been sharing videos from her workout session and of course there are those who admire her hard work however some also can’t seem to stand her.

One of her followers however left many shocked after he went out to wish death on the lass. The fella who wrote the comment felt that Corazon had betrayed her race by dating a white man.

To him Corazon was nothing but a traitor who he hopes will be killed by her Caucasian man (who they broke up along time ago). He wrote saying;

Corazon on the other hand replied saying;

How do I still receive such messages when now I’ve been single almost one year. Please I need another white papi so these guys can have a reason to insult me. Where is my white boyfriend??


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