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I Know Monica’s Boyfriend is Sudanese – Father

The man was romantically involved with Monica Kimani and who is known to the family is Yasir Mohammed whom she was engaged to and was a regular visitor to Kenya.

His last visit was three months ago and it is alleged he travels a lot throughout East Africa owing to his senior position in a firm in South Sudan.

George Kimani, Monica’s younger brother, revealed that, “Yasir is a fun-loving but reserved gentleman who has even been to our Thika home where he introduced himself.”

However, Pastor Ngarama (Monica’s dad) says he has not closely interacted with the man who was destined to marry his daughter.

“I have scanty information about him but I know he comes from Sudan,” says Ngarama, adding that Monica mostly shared her plans with his wife, Millicent.

Pastor Ngarama

A lover of life, Monica’s social media pages are filled with photos of a girl who enjoyed every minute she was in this world. Her love for exotic holiday destinations, expensive drinks and cars was characteristic of a girl who was living a good life and loving it.

On September 16, she posted a photo of herself at a football pitch with a man at Dr Biar Sports Complex in Juba.

Irungu, on the other hand, has been living with TV journalist Jackie Maribe whom he recently proposed to.

Though the family has disputed love triangle as a possible motive, some officers are not ruling out that theory.

“The man could have been angry. He may have acted out of rage over their love escapades,” said an officer familiar with the investigations.

Money and guns are some of the other theories being floated. “It could be other issues from South Sudan or Dubai,” said another officer.

Police say all leads will be followed to crack the case. Monica was found in her bathtub.

Her brother broke into the house after failing to reach her on phone.


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