Increased Pressure On Nairobi County Government To Remove Lion Statue from CBD

On Wednesday, Kenyans displayed solid responses of dismay by a statue of a lion put in Nairobi’s CBD by the region government after its pictures made adjusts via web-based networking media.

Kenyans on Twitter, famously alluded to as KOT, are for the most part on high alarm in regards to any inclining issues inside and outside the nation and couldn’t neglect to see this.

The statue was raised on University Way indirect and was portrayed by some as a crude arrangement and a fool for the city.

KOT especially needed it expelled since it barely satisfies the guidelines of visual portrayal of the genuine African lion, which intensely connects with Kenyan picture and culture.

According to the netizens, the statue does not deserve to be put up since it was not properly sculpted; some even associate it with characters from television cartoons and animation movies.

The county government of Nairobi is on record making investments for the beautification of the city, especially during times of important events that capture the attention of the global environment.

For instance, the Couty spent over Ksh140 Million during visits by former US President Barack Obama and Catholic Pope Francis in 2015.

Under the leadership of former governor Evans Kidero, the city spent Ksh5 Million running a “beautification account” in the times of the visits by the famous world leaders.

As such Kenyans were left wondering what the deal was with Sonko’s lion and if it was serving the purpose of beautifying the city or ridiculing it instead.

Efforts by our correspondence to reach Nairobi County Government for information on the same proved futile.

People have also questioned the meaningfulness of the disco-looking lights placed on the highway roundabouts.

The following are some reactions by Kenyans on Wednesday in relation to the subject matter:

Twitter reactions by Kenyans

Facebook posts by Kenyans

Facebook posts by Kenyans


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