Iron Ore Mining Resumes After 15 Years Suspension

The extraction of iron ore has resumed after a 15-year suspension, the county government has announced.

The national Government suspended extraction on a 68.4-square kilometre land in 2014 due to a longstanding boundary dispute, which involved a former investor, Wanjala Mining Company, and the management of Kishushe Ranching Co-operative Society Limited.

The Government has since issued the ranch a title deed.

Residents and local leaders said persistent wrangling over the ownership of the mining field had not only led to loss of income to the community, but also denied the county and national governments revenues.

New investor

According to Taita Taveta Governor Granton Samboja (pictured), already a new investor – Samruddha Resources Kenya Limited – has procured assorted assets from Wanjala Mining Company and installed a weighbridge at the site to quantify minerals that would be transported out of Kishushe.

The governor said resumption of iron ore extraction activities would improve revenue collection and create jobs for local youth.

“For the past 15 years the national Government, the county and the community have not received their fair share of revenue accruing from iron ore… Now that mining has resumed, every party will receive its fair share of revenue,” said Mr Samboja.

The investor has employed 200 local youths. Another 200 will soon be employed.


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