Jaguar Renews Promise To Beat Up Anyone Who Disrespects Uhuru

Jaguar has proved he is a true foot soldier of president Uhuru Kenyatta. The Starehe MP vows to ruthlessly deal with anyone who dares insult or disrespect the president.

If anyone doubts Jaguar’s words then the events of October 10th 2017 should convince you he mean his words. The Starehe MP was involved in a fist fight with Babu Owino at parliament’s media centre.

Jaguar attacked the Embakasi East MP because he said Uhuru was a caretaker president. He wanted to teach Babu a lesson for disrespecting the president.

You will be subjected to a beating

Jaguar has made fresh promise to beat up anyone who dares disrespect president Uhuru.  He issued the warning while speaking at a diabetes screening exercise at Moi Avenue Primary School in Nairobi.

The lawmaker says anyone who dares disrespect the president will be dealt with ruthlessly. Jaguar explains that he can’t insult Raila Odinga because he respects him.

“Sisi hatutaki matusi. Kama unataka kumtusi president Kenyatta, wewe mtusi, na tukipatana wewe utapigwa. Sisi ni vijana na hata mimi naeza mtusi Mheshimiwa Raila Odinga, lakini siwezi mtusi kwa sababu namheshimu kama kiongozi wa NASA,” Jaguar was quoted by Citizen.

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