Jeff Koinange Narrates How He Was Fired From CNN Via A Phone Call (Photo,Video)

There has always been much speculation as to why Jeff Koinange was fired from CNN.

Some say it was because the Nigerian government accused him of paying people to pose for CNN cameras over the oil kidnappings in the Nile Delta. Others say it was a white woman who accused him of trying to rape her.

According to Jeff himself, it was more of the latter. Through a series on Hot 96 FM titled ‘A Story a Day’, the award-winning journalist narrated how he was sacked from the world’s biggest news network via a phone call.

Apparently, CNN didn’t even summon him. They just called him to say he was no longer needed;

My boss called me and asked me to pull off the highway (I was driving at the time) and he said ‘Listen man, there is too much crap – too many rumors and I don’t think we can sustain you any longer, we will need to let you go’.

Jeff revealed that the sacking hit him hard because it came at a time when he was expecting a baby. The company, however, paid him for the remainder of his contract.

But he said-don’t worry, we will pay you for the rest of your contract so you will be sorted but we just want to sever this relationship.

Jeff also added that there were never any investigations into the allegations to determine if they were true.

Jeff with ‘Nigerian rebels’.

jeff koinange


According to him, the rape allegations were made by a woman who only communicated with via email and had never even met in person.

Jeff insisted that the woman was just bitter because he refused to help her;

There were rumors that there was a woman in Europe who was in touch with me who wanted me to connect her with Oprah Winfrey to promote a book she had been working on. I told her Oprah is not that type of friend I just introduce anyone to, but she kept pushing and pushing. She became a stalker threatening me through the mail. One day she wrote a story on her blog that I had attempted to rape her. The rumors got to my boss who ended up firing me.

Crazy indeed.

Watch the full narration below.

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