Jeff Kuria Finally Open Up About His New Years Incident With Kambua

Singer and host Kambua now understands what it means to be trolled by Kenyans on social media.

A week ago she was called out by Kenyans for having portrayed her selfish side while hosting the Vuka Mwaka party at Afraha Stadium with Jeff Kuria.

Apparently she did not give the young Inooro presenter time to co host with her since she had hogged the mic. This forced Kenyans to react and on 1st January the singer issued an apology to Jeff Kuria.

However after a few hours, the apology had been pulled down sparking more negative comments from fans. While others called her a pretender most concluded that the apology was not genuine but a stunt.

Inooro’s Jeff Kuria speaks

Jeff Kuria on the other hand maintained his silence until just recently when he spoke to Plive. According to him, this is all in the past and their is no beef between him and Kambua as all is forgiven. He said;

“I have moved on to other stories, these guys are my colleagues, we all make mistakes. Pastor Mark Kariuki told us we have to forgive and move on, and I forgave myself and anyone who has wrong me.”

Has he forgiven Kambua too?

Jeff Kuria concluded to say;

“I have respect for Kambua, even before I came into the industry, when I was growing up I watched her, listened to her music and looked up to her there is no beef between us”


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