Journalist Refused Entry At The Zimbabwean Airport, Bundled Into A Plane Back Home

Buzzfeed journalist based in Nairobi has been deported from Zimbabwe.

Tamerra Griffin in the company of seven other journalists were refused entry at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe airport and bundled into a plane by immigration officials.

Revealing the incident on Twitter, Griffin stated that they were denied entry 20 minutes after landing in Harare.

“I left Nairobi for #Zimbabwe at 9pm. It’s now 5:48am and I’m back in Nairobi. Zimbabwe immigration refused my entry and sent me back.

“I landed in Zim around 12:30am. Majority of the folks in immigration line were journalists. I believe there were nine of us; two got through. The rest were all sent back. We still do not have our passports.

“I knew things were looking bad when we were all held up at immigration after 20 minutes. Lots of officials milling around with our passports, getting bags, filling our forms. Nobody spoke to me or explained what was going on.

“Finally one of them said to me, “You have to go back.” I asked why, was directed to the manager who was busy with other journalists. She didn’t address me personally for another 20 minutes or so.

I was hardly questioned. They asked who I worked for and if I was there for business, that’s it. Next thing I know they are rushing me to sign a form so we can go back.

After I said that, the manager told the guy holding my form to indicate on it that I refused to sign. I never refused, just had questions.

Another journo I asked if we’d get copies of that form. Immigration manager said they’d give us copies to read on the plane. I’m in Nairobi now and still have not seen it. It’s inside my passport which I still don’t have.” Posted Griffin.

Zimbabwe has been in turmoil since Tuesday the 14th after the military seized control of the landlocked country and placed President Robert Mugabe and his wife under house arrest.

The military has denied a coup.

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