Judges Seek Coordination of Salaries

Twenty High Court judges who left private practice to join the bench have filed a constitutional petition seeking harmonization of salary entry packages.

The judges’ complaints brought before the court by a private citizen Sollo Nzuki through lawyer Cecil Miller claim that their counterparts who rose within the judicial ranks earn much more than they do.

The judges blame their employer (the Judicial Service Commission) of creating two categories on the advice of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.

Those appointed from private practice join the bench with a basic salary of Sh532,500 per month and non-practicing allowance of Sh13,500 while magistrates promoted to become judges join at a higher scale of Sh632,000 and non-practicing allowance of 13,500.

Nzuki wants to invalidate the alleged constitutional violations by JSC, SRC and the Attorney General arguing that judges of the High Court are appointed Under Article 166(2) and 166(5) of the Constitution.

The petition seeks that all judges be remunerated uniformly at entry point.

According to Miller, the petition is seeking to have all the judges treated fairly and equally since they discharge the same duties.

Justice George Odunga has certified the petition as urgent and directed Miller to serve the Attorney General, SRC and Judicial Service Commission.


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