Kabete Police Get Sentenced to Death For Murdering AP, Relatives

Two Kabete police officers have been sentenced to death for killing the late Bomachoge MP Joel Onyancha’s bodyguard and the latter’s two relatives in Kangemi.

Police Constables Benjamin Changawa and Stanley Okoti were sentenced to death after being found guilty of the offence committed on October 7, 2014.

Making the ruling on Wednesday, Justice Stella Mutuku said she was satisfied ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ with all the ingredients of murder in the three counts jointly facing the accused persons.

“I find sufficient evidence to prove that the seceded persons died as shown in the counts of murder and that their deaths are unlawful,” she said.

Mutuku said she found sufficient evidence to prove that the accused persons acted outside the law in performing their duties and shot to death the three deceased.

“…I reject their respective defences and find the defence of self-defence is not available,” she added.

Earlier this month, a court held that the prosecution had proven beyond doubt that the two killed the three said persons.

“This milestone decision reiterates the independence and commitment of IPOA in safeguarding the rights of victims of police killings,” Communications officer Dennis Oketch said on Wednesday.

Following the shooting, IPOA launched investigations to unravel the circumstances that led to the deaths, and to establish whether the police officers were justified in the use of their firearms.

IPOA concluded investigations and recommended that the two be charged with murder. The officers had in their argument stated that those killed were robbery suspects.


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