KANU Praises Uhuru And Ralia For Pledge To Kenyans

The Kenya African National Union (KANU) has praised President Uhuru and Opposition chief Raila Odinga for closing ranks between them and pledging to work together.

After months of political grandstanding, the duo agreed to roll out a programme that will implement their shared objectives for the benefit of Kenyans.

KANU’s chairman Gideon Moi said their party will offer unconditional support to the programme, describing it as a ‘bold step they took in meeting to forge a united front for the country.’

“One of the KANU’s ideals and philosophy is unity which has been facing its greatest test recently following the prolonged and fierce political contest leading to repeat of presidential poll,” he said.

The independence party KANU supported President Uhuru’s re-election and said he has proven himself to be ready to walk the talk of his promise to promote national reconciliation and heal the nation so as to attain both social and economic prosperity.

“National unity is crucial in leading the nation towards its progress and prosperity by strengthening it and promoting peace and love in the country. Where people are united, they can pull together in nation building,” said Gideon Moi.

Friday, Jubilee Party also took a similar stand; saying they will work with the Opposition outfit NASA for national interest.

“We are after all brothers and sisters with shared destiny as Kenyans and we should embrace each other as such,” Jubilee’s Secretary General Raphael Tuju said.


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