Kathy Kiuna Bashed For 40 Days Car Miracle

Controversial woman of God Cathy Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Church is under fire after claiming on Twitter that her followers will drive their own cars by the end of December.

Kenyans however did not take the prayer lightly as most attacked her saying her prophesy was not attainable as December is only days away.

Others complained that the reverend herself has many cars which she buys with money from her congregation who mostly do not live the luxurious life that she vaunts

Some went ahead to say that most pastors in Kenya are super rich while their flock live in slums insinuating that they are in for the money as they focus on worldly things.

“Before the end of December,you shall be driving your own car in Jesus name!#40daysofglory,”she Tweeted’

Earlier this week, German Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke hit out at the likes of Kiuna calling the “thieves” saying he does not ask for offerings in his crusades.

The Kiunas are known to flaunt their lavish lifestyle on social media. The church is currently hosting their annual 40 days of glory

Some of the comments she got include:

Timothy Mathai-“This people of God will finish us one day”

John and 250 other people- “Huyu mama anatuonyesha mambo,next year utaskia amesema all single people will get a partner before Feb.”

Michael- “Happens only in Kenya ..where pastors are super rich and their congregates are poor living in slums.”

Mandela Onchwati- “I normally wonder which people believe this.”

Cookshey Mwenyewe- “Pandeni mambegu muache doubtind,the bigger the seed the bigger the car.”

Robert Alai-” She (Kathy Kiuna) tells you to tithe hard you’ll get a car. She gets ANOTHER car then you remain there praying for a car to drop from heaven. Foolish you.”

Kathy not new to controversy at one time advised young women not to date “hustlers” from Easts lands as they have nothing to offer.

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