KDF Soldier Rocks Twitter With Amazing Dance Steps And Twerk (Video)

A curvy KDF soldier has excited netizens after a video of her perfect twerk went viral on social media.

The unidentified soldier, in full military uniform, happily showed off her twerking skills to the Kamatia Chini hit song.

The video captures the female solider getting down with her colleagues and some female prison wardens during a public event at a town in North Eastern Kenya.

They were joined on the dance floor by a handful of Somali women.

In the video, the crowd cheers on the women but the soldier’s twerking skills excite a male warden who comes on to grind on her.


The crowd cheers as the male  warden enjoys the irresistible twerk, but his joy is cut short when a Somali woman chases him out of the female-filled dance floor.

The dance was said to have been in celebration of International Women’s Day.

The twerking soldier continues to show off her skills even scaring away her female counterparts who soon leave the dance floor leaving just three women.

The soldier’s skills have excited netizens who shared the video.


Mohamed Hared Mohamed commented, “Na tena hapa ni Wajir County am told it’s during the International Women’s day 😂😂.”

Ciil Tire 😂😂😂 added, “It’s good to let loose once in a while. Bravo to Abdi for the effort Lol.”



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