Ken Osinde Implicated In Kshs21B Scandal

Ken Osinde is the latest victim from Deputy President William Ruto’s office to get implicated in a corruption scandal.

According to an examination of how the dam billions were spent, the Director of criminal Investigations (DCI) revealed that Osinde, Ruto’s Chief of Staff, through the insurance company where he is a director, was paid Kshs 47 million by the controversial Italian firm CMC Di Ravena.

According to reports, the confidant is listed as a director of an insurance company that reportedly received the money from the controversial firm.

Osinde was among 120 directors of various firms that were part of the now failed project with the parent firm which is at the center of the Kshs 63 Billion dam scandal and has since been declared bankrupt by Italy.

The firm, CMC Di Ravena, had been contracted by Kerio Valley Development Authority in 2017 to construct and Kamwarer dams and billions sent to it as deposit by the National Treasury.

Since the revelation of the failed projects came out, DCI George Kinoti vowed to follow the insurance company associated with Osinde until the matter is resolved.

“We shall pursue the insurance company to tell us what they insured, and if they insured the project, they will have to pay Kenyans for the loss,” stated Kinoti.

Before becoming the Chief of Staff to Ruto, Osinde served as Kenyan envoy to Germany, Romani and Bulgaria.

Other influential people mentioned in the scandal include former Attorney General Charles Njonjo, Head of Civil Service Jeremiah Kiereini and the late cabinet minister John Michuki whose estate was linked to the scandal.

Although no evidence showed that the directors were part of the syndicate, Kinoti revealed that some of them revealed that they had been asked to deliver materials unrelated to construction at yards in Eldoret and Nairobi.


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