Kenya Power Modernize Electricity Charges Calculation System

Domestic consumers of Kenya Power Company are likely to see a spike in their monthly electricity charges.

According to the new charge calculations, the customers will be categorised into two tariffs, Domestic Lifeline, who pay Ksh 10 per unit and Domestic Ordinary who will part with Ksh 15.

In an SMS message sent to consumers informing them of the changes, the company revealed that the consumers would be automatically classified in a category based on their monthly usage.

The Lifeline category comprises of those who consume less than 100 units a month averaged for three months, while Ordinary will consist of those who consume more than 100 units over the same period.

Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) Director-General Pavel Oimeke confirmed that the new changes would affect the company’s customers since people will either move to the expensive or cheaper tariff depending on their average.

“The movement is meant to be either way; a few to lower band and a few to a higher band,” stated Oimeke.

These changes come in line with an earlier Gazette notice categorising electricity users into two categories “SC1” and “SC2” whose automatic classification would depend on a three-month average.

The changes kicked off on Wednesday, February 6, and enabled Kenya power to review its prices without involving the ERC as before.

Energy Cabinet Secretary, Charles Keter, however, claimed that the charge had not been reviewed upwards with the introduction of the new tarrifs.

“It is automatic even if no SMSs were sent. You just get classified according to your consumption,” he remarked.


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