Kenya Power To Streamline Transmission, Distribution Systems

Kenya Power will continue to streamline its transmission and distribution systems in an effort to help lower cost of power hence boost the business operating environment, Kenya Power Managing Director and CEO Dr. Ken Tarus.

Speaking at a dinner hosted for corporate customers drawn from Nairobi West region, Dr. Tarus said the company had put in place measures to ensure that losses resulting from power transmission and distribution were minimized.

“There are a lot of initiatives we have put in place including improving our transmission and distribution lines, construction of additional substations and quality of transformers, which will go a long way in enhancing quality supply and subsequently the cost of power. The intention of the government is to make sure we have power at least cost in order to encourage businesses to enhance their operations, expand and support the Big Four agenda. As a company we are optimistic that measures we are putting in place will lower the cost of power without compromising on quality and stability,” Dr. Tarus said.

Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry commended Kenya Power for its initiatives aimed at bringing down the cost of power to consumers in the manufacturing sector.

“We are happy that Kenya Power has responded extremely well and extremely fast to some of the issues raised by private sector players at the recent Presidential Roundtable on cost of energy. They committed to reducing the power tariffs to USD 9cts to industrialists and those in special economic zones. This will go a long way in changing the way we do business,” said Nemaisa Kiereini, the Chief Executive Officer of Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Nairobi County.

System improvement

Kenya Power has initiated several system improvement projects in Nairobi to ensure stability of power supply in Nairobi.

Some of the completed projects include the recently launched City Centre Gas Insulated SubStation (GIS) undergrounding cables to all 9 substations in Nairobi, upgrade of Kabete and Matasia 66 /11kv substation to 2x23MVA, development of a dedicated alternative 11kv line to Kenyatta hospital, and a dedicated dual 33kv lines to Kajiado and Namanga towns, and the construction of a new 11kv lines to Langata, South C, kileleshwa, Mountain View, Karen and Lavington estates.

On-going projects include construction of new 2x23MVA 33/11kv Substation at Isinya, 66kv line from Ngong to Matasia substation, and construction of a 132/33kv substation in Namanga.

Last Month, Kenya Power launch a 220/66kV Gas Insulated SubStation (GIS) located at the city centre.

The substation is part of the Nairobi City Centre Network Upgrade and Reinforcement Project that is aimed at improving the flexibility of the power distribution system in Nairobi.


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