Kenya, For The Third Time Named The Best Safari Travel Destination

Kenya was for the third time named the best Safari travel destination in the world in 2017 despite a number of issues in the country. Taking to social media on Monday, December 11, President Uhuru Kenyatta led Kenyans in celebrating the fete for being named “2017 World’s Leading Safari Destination”

Kenya ranked best Safari destination in the world despite volatile political environment

The recognition was a moment of pride for the country on the backdrop of a tense political climate following the October 26 repeat presidential election. The World Travel Awards is an annual events gala, started in 1993 to celebrate the excellence in all key sectors of travel, tourism and hospitality. This awards gala is currently on its 24th anniversary, which is marked by a grand tour across the world, honoring and rewarding top brands across the continents.

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Since then, a series of political activities by the opposition saw police engage in running battles with NASA supporters, events that saw many lose their lives and many others injured.

Currently, the country is on the edge of its seat after the opposition announced that Raila Odinga would be sworn in as president of Kenya by the People’s Assembly, weeks after the Judiciary swore in President Uhuru Kenyatta for a second and final term.


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