Kenya Will Stay Separated Without Discretionary Changes, Muhuri Cautions Uhuru And Raila

There will be no national recuperating, compromise, country building and vote based system without conclusive strides for discretionary changes, Muhuri has said.

Muslims for Human Rights warned on Monday that Kenya risks plunging into deeper division and crises if loopholes in the elections system are not sealed.

In a statement, Executive Director Hassan Abdille said the reality of human rights violations that resulted in the deaths of many last year “is not lost to Kenyans”.

Rights groups including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said tens of people died while Opposition leader Raila claimed police killed at least 250.

In violence that followed the 2007 presidential election, more than 1,300 people lost their lives while at least 600,000 were left homeless.

Raila and President Uhuru Kenyatta reached a pact on Friday, saying Kenyans have suffered enough and that it is time for unite and develop the country for posterity.

Raila’s quest for electoral justice may suffer following his agreement with the President – electoral injustice and the deaths of Nasa supporters were among his main reasons for pulling out of the October 26 re-run.

Regarding the ‘new dawn’, Abdille said: “While the (Uhuru-Raila) meeting is a welcome gesture for our country, at least with respect to calming the political tension around electoral injustice that continue to threaten peace tranquility and matters relating to electoral accountability, we should be cognizant of the major triggers on instability.”

He said the NGO believes honest attempts at calming negative political rivalry are the best bets for Kenya,

“We encourage other players to seize the opportunity and work towards dealing with issues of electoral accountability and other grievances around extra-judicial killings,” he said.

The Executive Director noted Uhuru and Raila should resolve to end exclusion, inequalities and historical injustices as documented in the report of the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission. The report is yet to be fully implemented.

Abdille also urged stakeholders to agitate for the strengthening of democracy “through strict adherence to the rule of law and the Constitution”.

“It is therefore the expectation of most Kenyans and Muhuri that the question of electoral justice and reforms forms a significant part of the conversation the two national leaders steer the country towards.”


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