Kenyan Star, Lupita Nyongo’s Younger Brother, Junior Defends Decision to Wear Dress at City Event

Lupita Nyongo’s younger brother, Junior Nyong’o, has explained why he opted to make an appearance at a popular event in Nairobi in a dress.

Answering a curious fan on social media as to why he chose to step out in a maxi dress during the 10th Anniversary of Blankets and Wine, Junior defended his outfit saying that it was liberal and looked good.

“Bro what’s up with the dress?” a fan asked him on social media.

Junior: “Uko na shida?”

The fan answered: “Nah bro, just wanna know the thought process behind it.”

“There is no thought process my G. If a piece of clothing looks good it looks good,” said Junior.

This is not the first time though. Junior has sometimes been on the spot before for posting half-naked photos with flowers pinned onto his hair but has always seemed unbothered by the naysayers.

Former Machachari actor, Ian Nene, also known as Almasi also expresses himself in similar ways.

The young actor who travelled abroad to study has been attacked by Kenyans on social media several times for posing in a skirt.


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