Kenyan Trend? Why Five Million Girls Are Chasing 30 Sponsors

Several parents have asked for my thoughts on the recent deaths of young women in Kenya. I think the main problem here is greed.

Our young women are no longer taking time before jumping into relationships. Most don’t do background checks on the dudes coming into their lives.

Most are fascinated by being on social media, having fun and they find it cool that their posts and pictures get many likes.

I was lucky to have grown during the analogue days, when interest from a woman was gauged with her replies to your letters.

Waiting for letters to complete their cycles took time, made us patient to know the character of the other person. Even when there was a problem in the relationship, it was easy to solve it, having been friends for long.

Today, things have changed. In this digital age, people seem to live their lives on social media. The immediacy of replies have seen the lazy and desperate go to great lengths to prove a point.

Most don’t know that the lives people display on social media are fake.  Most prefer buying an expensive phone with a good camera rather than paying rent.

The posting of pictures to get likes and followers is what is killing our youth. Look at what con men who engage in money laundering and drugs have done to young people.

Most have ruined middle-class women around Nairobi’s Kilimani area after clearing their bank accounts and fled to the Eastlands side of the city.

Eastlando is an untapped ground for many desperate women craving to live the life of women of Kilimani.

It is thus easy to recruit them as mules to run drugs in exchange for a good life, which will enable them take pictures which will look good on their social media pages.

Social media has become a disease, which is slowly getting out of hand and I will recommend psychology as a course and career for the future to deal with those who don’t get enough likes and followers.

Most want their followers to think they are living a good life, so they don’t bother with background checks and hardly ask questions before jumping into relationships.

They want to make their followers happy and interested in them. Some discover the true nature of the people they hook up with when it’s too late, resulting in early death, loss of money or going to jail.

Women listen: this sponsor nonsense is a con and overrated. Very few men who have struggled for their money will give it out without accountability. This is how 5 million young women end up chasing only 30 sponsors, giving room for cons who know that flashing money will bring in the suckers in droves.

I have never seen a billionaire like Jeremiah Kiereini, Joe Wanjui, Jane W Michuki, Ayisi Makatiani, Humprey Kariuki, John Kibunga Kimani, Paul Ndung’u Wanderi or Jagdesh Patel washing their hands with expensive whisky.

Just the other day, despite his advanced age Kiereini quipped that he’s not mean, but taking care of his hard-earned money.

So, when a ‘thousandnaire’ throws money in public or washes his hands with whisky, just know that’s a wannabe!


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