Kenyans Begins The #Inauguration Challenge (Photos)

Despite the political differences bringing clashes in the country, Kenyans seem to be focusing on the positive things. Yesterday most of them showed off their creativity through the #Inauguration challenge that cheered many!

While others chose to engage with the police, the wise ones decided to come up with funny photos. These photos were aimed at imitating how the Inauguration went down.

Hilarious! Kenyans once more show their creativity through the #Inauguration challenge 


Looking at the photos it is indeed clear to see that Kenyans on social media can get quite creative. For a while now we have seen most make use of important occasions to show off their skills. So far their has been the Mugabe challange, Githeriman challenge among others.

Photos from the Inauguration

Below are just a few photos from yesterdays Inauguration ceremony that took place at Kasarani stadium.


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