Kenya’s Biggest Private University, Mt Kenya, Ranted Multi-Million Scientific Equipment From US

It is among 16 awardees selected in Seeding Labs’ 2018 Instrumental Access program, to get equipment that will be used primarily for extensive scientific research purposes.

Speaking during the award ceremony on Thursday, May 17, School of Pure and Applied Sciences Dean, Mary Muriuki, thanked Seeding Labs Chief Executive Officer Nina Dunkin for the generous donation.

“The School of Pure and Applied Sciences is focused on providing world-class scientific skills to our students as well as carrying out life changing research. Our main challenge is that the School lacks adequately equipped laboratories for teaching and research based on chromatography and spectroscopic analysis,” the Dean said.Mount Kenya University awarded with scientific equipment from US firm Seeding Lab

Muriuki was confident the provision of scientific instruments to bolster research would bring World-class scientific skills to students and advance education levels in the private university which boasts as the biggest in Kenya in terms of student population.Kenya's biggest private university, Mt Kenya, granted multi-million scientific equipment from US

“Receiving this equipment from Seeding Labs will not only improve our student output but also will boost research in the School and at the university at large,” Muriuki added.Kenya's biggest private university, Mt Kenya, granted multi-million scientific equipment from US

Seeding Labs is a US based nonprofit organisation that strives to empower scientist in developing countries by providing them with resources they need to pursue advanced research.

It provides a link between research institutes in low and middle income countries with high-quality surplus laboratory equipment provided by their donors.

Its Instrumental Access program rigorously screens universities and thereafter selects those that are more likely to highly benefit from the Access program.


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