Kiambu Court Releases Joseph Kori After Alleged Murder of Wife Mary Wambui

Businessman Joseph Kori has at long last been discharged by the court over the supposed homicide of spouse Mary Wambui Kamangara.

Reports, nonetheless, show that he will affirm against his co-blamed for the arraignment.

Kori was co-denounced with a lady said to be his darling, Judy Wangui.

The Kiambu Court likewise noticed that Kori will affirm as an indictment observer against another suspect, Michael Githae.

Kenyans recollect the account of Kori which overwhelmed the features after he was captured for purportedly killing his significant other, with whom they appeared to lead a cheerful and agreeable family existence with two kids.

Kori with late wife Mary Wambui

The release of Kori comes after the prosecution and the detectives working on the case were able to determine that he was not involved in the murder of Wambui.

Other than the establishing the testimonies against the other two suspects, the release of Kori is unconditional and he is a totally free man in the eyes of the Kenyan law.

Kori initially attended the burial of the slain wife in Nyeri and investigators now believe that the love affair between Kori and Judy was the primary cause for Wambui’s death.

Githae, on the other hand, is reported to be a taxi driver who was blackmailed by Judy to aid and abet in the murder.

His report to the police indicated that he was intimidated by the first accused to dispose of Wambui’s body after she murdered her using a lead of a pressure cooker.

Burial for Mary Wambui in Nyeri


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