Kind Streetboy Who Picked And Returned Ksh 200,000 Is Said To Have Passed On

Vince Dancer aka Vincent Omondi is reportedly to have passed on. According to a Facebook post, his body was found lying lifeless in Eastleigh before it was taken to the morgue.

One of his ‘friend’s’ posted the sad news on social media eulogizing the 28 year old saying:

“Rest in Peace Vince

I have just received the sad news of the death of Vince Jawagoro. (His lifeless body was found at Eastleigh today) For those who don’t know him, he is the street boy who was kind enough to return 200k to a stranger who had dropped the same in town on her way to the bank.

I met Vince on 25th October at an electronics repair shop along Jamia shopping mall. (That is where the photo was taken) He had come to remind the shop owner of his promise to give him a job. He was also very hungry.

He explained to us his journey through rehab and how Kenyans who had promised to assist him and get him jobs after rehab failed to keep their promises. He was even featured on TV shows when the story trended online. He was living at Basilica church at the time. The church had accommodation arrangements for street kids.

Sadly, The men in the shop refused to buy him food claiming that he would resort to buying glue instead… I gave him some cash I had with me. The shop owner also asked him to sober up and go back after elections for a job interview.

Jawagongo was a graduate of St. Pauls University, a brilliant young man whose life simply got cut short due to drug addiction brought on by life’s frustrations,”

Vince Dancer’s popularity on social media

The fella gained fame after returning the 200k to the owner after he had picked it up on the streets. His kindness opened a door for him to go to rehab and even got promises of getting good jobs after recovering. He however passed on months after those who had made the promises disappeared into thin air forgetting about him.


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