Kisauni MP Ali Mbogo Is Ready To Sacrifice His Political Career To Support Ruto’s 2022 Bid

Kisauni MP Ali Mbogo is prepared to forfeit his political career to back William Ruto’s 2022 presidency bid.

The Wiper MP further said he will back the Deputy President because “he is a friend indeed who helped a friend in need.”

“The DP has started showing love to the people of Kisauni. Let us stand with him in 2022. I am ready to sacrifice my political career for the benefit of my people.”

Mbogo said the DP has shown he is committed to solving the constituency’ problems.

The legislator said Ruto helped secure the release of a valuation report for some 400 acres of land in Junda ward that was occupied by squatters.

The report puts the value of all the land, occupied by about 25,000 squatters, at Sh1.2 billion.

The exercise was done in 2016 but the report was not released after the government demanded Sh1.7 million in fees. The squatters said they could not pay the amount.

A negotiation team was formed and 50 per cent of the fees waived by the government but the squatters could not raise the remaining Sh850,000.

Mbogo handed over the report to the chairmen of all squatters living on the 11 parcels of land on Monday.

The MP said he will push the government to buy off the parcels at Sh1.2 billion and then implement a plan similar to that of the Waitiki farm in Likoni.

He said once the government buys the land, the squatters will be forced to pay Sh48,000 each to secure title deeds.

Mbogo said Ruto has also promised to ensure 18kms of roads between Kiembeni and Mwakirunge, that connect to Kilifi county at Mkapuni, are tarmacked.

Of Opposition leader Raila Odinga, Mbogo said he has shown the way by teaming up with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He noted the Coast region has been in the Opposition for a long period yet nothing has been solved.

“After former Kisauni MP Karisa Maitha died in 2004, no other MP has solved the problems in the constituency, especially not the squatter problem.”

“We have had Ananiah Mwaboza, Hassan Joho and Rashid Bedzimba … none of them helped,” Mbogo said.

“We can’t be in the dark for 20 years. When you marry a wife and she does not bear you children after 10 years, you are allowed to marry a second wife.”


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