Kisumu Chief Of Staff Grilled Over Alleged Threat To Anyang’ Nyong’o

Police grilled Kisumu county Chief of Staff Patrick Ouya on Tuesday over alleged threats to Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o’s life.

This was after the Governor registered the complaint at Central police station.

Flying Squad officers arrested Ouya at Prosperity building and took him to the station.

“The officer recorded a statement and left the station,” County Commander John Kamau told the Star on phone.

In 2015, Ouya drew his gun after a disagreement ensured at a funeral in Muhoroni sub-county.

In January, the Chief of Staff was questioned by police on alleged threats to shoot Seme sub-county ODM chair Leonard Ochar.

Through his press unit, Nyong’o regretted that the fresh altercation occurred in his office on Tuesday morning.

He said that the Chief of Staff, “in an unexplained and unwarranted fit of rage”, accosted his security personnel and attempted to forcefully gain entry into the office.

This was while a meeting with “very important guests” took place, he said, adding Ouya threatened to shoot everybody.

“This unfortunate security situation has led to the arrest and presentation of Ouya to the police station for interrogation,” said Press Director Aloice Ager.

Ager told of a similar experience at the office of Deputy Governor Mathews Owili on June 12.

“This unfortunate and disturbing act has repeatedly been experienced within the office. The threats can no longer be taken as empty,” he said in a statement.

He asked police to speedily conclude investigations to unearth Ouya’s motive.

Reached for comment on the matter, Ouya said “there was nothing like that” and that “all those things are lies”.

He said that he went to work this morning, he met the Governor’s bodyguard who followed him into the office where they argued for a while. The argument concerned claims including plans by him for Nyong’o’s removal from office.

“The body guard left and after 15 minutes came with police officers who ransacked my office and found no gun. We went to the station. I explained everything and left so these are just lies,” he told the Star by phone. “I had not seen the Governor. I went straight to my office.”


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