Kisumu Governor Plans To Declare Feb 8 As Baby Samantha Pendo’s Human Rights Day

Anyang' Nyong’o

Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o plans to declare February 8 as baby Samantha Pendo’s human rights day in the county.

Nyong’o, who is still in US for medication, instructed the county legal officer to draft a Bill to be presented to the County Assembly for debate and approval.

“When baby Pendo was murdered by state goons last year, I said that Kisumu county would dedicate February 8, which is Samantha’s birthday, as the Samantha Pendo Human Rights Day,” the governor said in a press statement yesterday. 

Nyong’o said the plan was delayed “due to the many issues that the county residents have confronted”.

“We are certain, however, that during this calendar year, the Bill will be presented to the assembly and we shall, from next year, observe the February 8 as a special Human Rights Day in Kisumu,” he said.

Pendo, a six-month-old, was killed at Nyalenda slum by anti-riot police as they engaged protesters after the August 8 general election.

The baby was clobbered on the head and went into a coma for two days before succumbing to the injuries at Kisumu’s Aga Khan Hospital.

Governor Nyong’o also condemned the recent killings of protesters at Ahero saying the lot was peacefully exercising their rights as enshrined in the constitution.

He called for speedy investigations over the deaths, which followed Miguna Miguna’s detention, by relevant authorities, including human rights organisations.

“IPOA, independent human rights organisations and international community should act swiftly and look into the police brutality in the region.”

“It makes me extremely sad to see how cheap the Kenyan police takes our lives to be,” Nyong’o said.

“What I have seen on social media regarding our people who have been killed by the police in Ahero and Kisumu must be condemned.”

Nyong’o said that his administration will follow up the killings systematically just like was the case last year.

“However long it takes, the culprits must be brought before the law and appropriately punished,” the governor added.

“I appeal for all the records to be kept properly, including the postmortem analysis, for appropriate legal action.” he said.

“The government and police must understand that Luo Lives Matter,” Nyong’o said.


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