KNH Opts For Manual System To End Billing Crisis

Normalcy is slowly returning to the Kenyatta National Hospital after five days of delays in billing due to system failure.

This comes after a power blackout in key departments caused by a short circuit at the powerhouse situated at the basement of the hospital.

The electoral fault was caused by flood water.

The blackout affected the provision of ICT services at billing, health information and cash points as well as some wards especially those not on a standby generator.

Head of Communications Simon Ithae said they have embarked on the manual system.

Ithae said the system went down on May 21 but they have been slowly rebuilding them up for efficiency.

“We admit the billing system is slow since we are having a problem with our system which was shut down during the May 21 power blackout, we urge the public to be patient as the system are up and running in most areas,” Ithae said.

Hospital engineers have restored the electricity in the entire hospital.

ICT team have also restored systems in most of the essential areas including billing, cash points, health information and services are going on well.

However, the team is working to restore ICT in the wards, and outpatients clinics.

“We are not as efficient and many of our client have experience slow processes due to the use of manual systems. We call upon our clients and those seeking services at KNH to bear with us as we work to restore normalcy,”he said.

Patients using NHIF card are the most affected since the forms have to be taken to the NHIF centre for verification.

“Those using NHIF is taking longer since we have to do physical verification of the documents,” he added.

He also warned of the slow pace in the clearing of the patients citing backlog of patients especially those discharged.

“However, no patient will go unattended. Manual system that was initiated will go on untill the ict is restored in all areas by close of today,”Ithae added.

He said that the mortuary sector has been restored but the numbers are high since they haven’t been able to clear bodies since Monday.

“We urge those picking bodies for burials in long distance places to liaise with us so we can facilitate since the system are up,” Ithae said.

ICU, theatres, Newborn Unit, labour ward, radiology, cancer treatment centre and renal are all on standby generator and were not affected.


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