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‘I Know What Uhuru And Ruto Are Capable Of’- Sudden Revelations Made By Former TNA Secretary Onyango Oloo

Former TNA Secretary General Onyango Oloo has uncovered that he knows Uhuruto more than some other Kenyan.Over the end of the week, the Kisumu County Speaker stated:

“I know Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto extremely well. I recognize what they are prepared to do.

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They say they have the majority to change the constitution in meetings and trust me if they win the election, they will change.

These are people who orchestrated the forceful disappearance of their close friends and even statehouse legal aides like Bogonko Bosire.

But let me tell you that if there is one man these two people fear even than the ICC itself is Raila Odinga.

I always tell you that in 2013, Uhuru couldn’t even imagine of a re-run with a re-energized Raila Odinga.

That is why we extended the margin of win through a well crafted rigging. But this time round, Raila got them flat footed.

This is one of the characteristics of Raila that puzzle even the president’s handlers, you cant predict his next move.

When you think he is politically wounded like we did in 2013, he comes back pouncing and that is why this election is a done deal for Raila.

He must win by any way possible.

When you see Uhuru and Ruto address their supporters viciously and with unmitigated outbursts, it is because they know who they are facing.

The frustrations plastered on their faces is a true indication of two men cornered by one man.”


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