KTN’s Yvonne Okwara Leaves Kenyans Surprised With Unexpected Confession

KTN news anchor Yvonne Okwara has excited Kenyan with her unexpected confession in a twitter hashtag that is picking momentum.
Under the hastag #Twentorship Kenyans over the age of 35 years were asked to share their first jobs, with the aim of mentoring the young people who are still struggling to make it in life.

“Goodmorning over-35 YO professionals (whichever field). Let’s do some mentorship here – or #twentorship (I know terrible) for the 20YO here. What was your first job like? What did you do? How much were you paid? What was your daily routine like?” shared Founder of The Goode Group Al Kags

The call prompted Ms Okwara to share her journey to the top where she revealed that she started off as a waitress in the Nairobi CBD.

“First job was at Walker’s Restaurant at Reinsurance Plaza. Waitress. Earned 150bob a day!” confessed Yvonne Okwara

In her confession, the celebrated media personality stated that her work place used to open at 7am and close at 8pm.

“I know, right? Restaurant opened at 9am. We had to be in at 7am. Closed at 8pm. Stayed till 10pm to clean up. All for 150bob. But I learned a lot. To respect wait staff and dealing with people! Smile goes a long way. Earned more in tips this way! Mungu ni mkubwa. Hard work. Humility. Passion. Plus using every opportunity to learn is what is key. There is a lesson in everything” reads Yvonne Okwara’s Tweet



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