Lamu Chiefs Accused Of Hiding Relief Food Brought By Eugene Wamalwa


Flood victims in Lamu are hunger stricken after relief food brought by Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa has gone missing.

Last week Wamalawa gave 3,000 displaced people 560 bags of rice. The food was meant for people worst hit by floods in Chalaluma, Moa, Dide Waride and Witu town.

Families were left homeless after their houses were swept away. The situation was aggravated after Tana River and Nyongoro River burst their banks.

Many schools have been surrounded by water and students have been forced to stay at home.

Displaced people told the Star the rice went missing soon after the CS left. The have accused chiefs of scheming to sell the food.

Residents say distribution of the food is shrouded in secrecy. They claimed there is favouritism.

Villagers want Wamalwa to intervene and ensure everyone affected by floods receives food. They said some chiefs have selfish motives.

Village elder Hussein Salim from Chalaluma village said, “Chiefs have refused to give a majority of people food. We saw only a few bags of rice that were given to their families and friends while the rest of us watched helplessly. We are really suffering.”eugene-wamalwa

Another village elder Joseph Kaingu from Boko said all 300 residents from his area were affected by floods, but none has received any food.

“We saw bags of rice being offloaded when the CS was here. The food he brought was our only hope. People’s homes and crops have been swept away,”said Kaingu.

Displaced mother of six Husna Yusuf from Dide Waride said women and children and children are the most affected.

“Mothers cannot breastfeed without eating. If the food the CS brought was meant for us, let him ensure it reach us. Corrupt officials are punishing us. The CS must do something about it,” she said.

Lamu deputy county commissioner Louise Rono denied claims that chiefs have hidden the food.

He said distribution was delayed in some villages because of rain and flood. Rono said roads are impassable .

Rono said they will be forced to use choppers to distribute the food to some inaccessible villages.


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