Larry Madowo Reveals Why He Is Still Single

Larry Madowo is famous and successful but he has never been seen with a woman.

This is something that has bothered many fans. Why is he still single? I am sure many women would love to have a guy like him. If I was in his position, ningekua napita nao wote, but Madowo is just there.

On every post that Larry makes on social media, you will find comments asking him about his single life. Larry always ignores them but surprisingly he decided to explain why.

“I am single bacause I have never found someone who matches me or who can put up with me”

Hmmm….do you buy that excuse? Women put up with a lot of things. Larry Madowo ndio atawashinda? But how many misdemeanors must he be having to lack a woman who can put up with him

Larry should ask Team Mafisi chairman Jemo Ule Mse for tips on how to handle women.



Interestingly, Larry could have remained single the whole of his life if he had followed a previous path he was eyeing.

Larry was once quoted as saying that he wanted to be a Catholic priest:

“Growing up, I wanted to be a priest, I went to a catholic seminary, st gabriel seminary in kisumu. I was an alter boy. It was my ambition.When I was in high school, I wanted to be a missionary priest coz I love travelling. I used to correspond with consolata missionary but when I reached form four, I wasn’t sure about that. So I stopped corresponding with them.”

He shelved those dreams after seeing too many Adhiambos with big behinds and started looking forward to becoming a lawyer. That dream never became a reality too.

Eventually, he ended up in the media industry.


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