At Last! Photos Of Ezekiel Mutua’s Beautiful Wife Surfaces

ezekiel mutua

Kenya Classification Board chairman Ezekiel Mutua has a reputation for banning things.
Before he was the ‘moral police,’ Mutua worked as the Information Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communications. He was also the Secretary-General in the Kenya Union of Journalists.

His impressive CV doesn’t stop there. He also served as a director at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) and as a board member of the Media Council of Kenya.

You’ll be impressed upon knowing that his better half is highly successful too. His wife Jane Mutua works as an Education Advisor with Save the Children International. She has previously worked as an Education Specialist with UNICEF Kenya.

Wait, there’s more. Jane has served in the UN Coordination office on UN reform and Millennium Development Goals, UNDP, UNFPA, OWN & Associates, Community Organization Consultants (COC), Women Educational Researchers of Kenya (WERK) and Daraja: The Civic Initiatives.

Impressive. Check her out below:


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