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Life Goes On as Charlie’s Bistro Owner Moves On, to Open New Restaurant

Hours after his multi-million shilling investment was brought down by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) bulldozers, Dr Muriithi Muhoro has moved on – literally!

In two weeks he is opening a new restaurant at City Hall, can exclusively report.

Wednesday morning, Kenyans were woken up to shocking scenes of the Southend Mall being demolished. This is part of a NEMA operation to reclaim riparian lands in the city.

One of the tenants in the Southend Mall was Charlie’s Bistro owned by Dr. Muhoro, a flamboyant 32 year old doctor turned entrepreneur. Hours into the demolition exercise, he had already moved on.

Loading the remnants of a decadent past at Charlie’s! All our staff will not be jobless, Charlie’s City Hall opens in 2 weeks! Onwards and forwards!! He posted on his Instagram page. Mtado?

In an interview with Career Point Kenya, in February 2018, he revealed that he spent Sh42 million to start the high end restaurant located at the Mbagathi and Lang’ata Road junction.

“I must say it was not cheap. I opened it to a tune of 42 million shillings having accumulated around 22 million from my other businesses and then I took a bank loan of 20 million,” said Muhoro.

The Alliance Boys alumni who scored an A and graduated with a Medicine and Surgery degree from the University of Nairobi added that he had made over Sh100 million since opening its doors in July, 2017.

“I realized that people who wanted to go to high end restaurants from the areas of Lang’ata had to go all the way to town and the Westlands and that was how the idea was born.To my surprise, the reception has been great.

“When we opened in July, we made a total of 3 million in sales and a total of 0ver 100 million up to today. I have plans of opening two more branches this year and hoping that the reception will be the same.

Charlie Bistro was amongst other businesses housed at the South End before the mall was unceremoniously brought down by the environment watchdog.

Bulldozers flanked by armed police officers descended on the property estimated to be worth over Sh2 billion and owned by former Bobasi MP Stephen Manoti on the wee hours of Wednesday morning.


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