Lilian Muli Glad To Be A Wife Once Again, Shares How Baby Daddy Apologized

Citizen TV News grapple Lilian Muli as of late admitted she was in a dim spot in December chiefly on the grounds that her child daddy Jared Nevaton had undermined her multiple times.

She took to Instagram then to impact and dump him saying that he’s been undermining her and along these lines shouldn’t be related with her name.

It appears the two have now kissed and made up.

Muli took to internet based life to indicate that they are back together by first changing her profile on Instagram to incorporate “spouse” and furthermore sharing a glass of moet to demonstrate how Nevaton apologized.

It’s not the first time Muli has hinted that they have reconciled. Since her viral post in December, Muli has shared a few photos while in Kisii, where Nevaton comes from, or generally just enjoying a beautiful day with him.


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