Lilian Muli Slams ‘Self-seeking People’ Taking Credit for Helping Conjestina

Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli has taken a swipe at those she claims are out to make a name by helping former award-winning boxer Conjestina Achieng.

In a message posted on her social media page, Lilian Muli expressed regret that some individuals were using Conjestina to give themselves credit.

“I see a lot of self-seeking people giving themselves credit for getting Conjestina help. I think the noise should be more about finding a way to keep people like her relevant in their respective fields so that they can help mentor other upcoming talents while earning a living,” said Muli.

While appreciating the fact that the former champion had found help, she said we as a society should reconsider our roles in keeping our heroes and heroines’ light shining even long after their carriers have ended.

“I’m glad she’s getting the necessary medical attention I think that’s long overdue, but then again I ask myself what next after treatment? Will that take away that gnawing feeling that she was once a household name and now feels perhaps invisible? What as a government and society are we doing to honour those who make Kenya proud in whatever field?”

Her hard-hitting statement comes just a day after Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s Rescue Team clashed with comedian Chipukeezy, real name Vincent Mutua, at the airport over who came first to rehabilitate her.

After the Sonkos team flew away with Conjestina, Chipukeezy who had insisted he was the one to fly with her but failed cried foul terming it ‘unfortunate.’

“It is unfortunate that Sonko also had a plan to take her, but we are all in government so we hope he (Sonko) will take her to the rehabilitation centre proposed by NACADA because we understand it better,” said Chipukeezy.

The former boxing championing placed Kenya on the global map with her entertaining and powerful boxing skills but plunged into obscurity after ailing.

Conjestina claimed that in the past, some people have taken her with an offer for rehabilitation only to abandon her at Mathari Mental Hospital.

A viral video of her wasted self in the streets of Siaya broke many people’s hearts and prompted calls for help.


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